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    A Guardian roof will make all the difference

    Many people can’t enjoy their conservatory in summer because it’s just too hot and in winter, it’s far too cold, what a nightmare! By replacing the current roof with a thermally efficient, fully insulated Guardian™ Warm Roof, your conservatory will instantly become a comfortable, quiet and enjoyable living space that you can use every single day whatever the weather or temperature.

    We are your local Team Guardian™ experts and our installation team will transform your conservatory and turn it into a delightful home extension which you’ll be able to enjoy every season come rain or shine. Sit back and relax in the room you always wanted.

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    Installation takes just a few days

    We've created a very short video animation to show you how we install the Guardian™ roof system…

    Warm in winter
    Cool in summer

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    “This new roof has made a huge difference to the way we use our conservatory.”

    “The kids call it the breakfast room, we just think it’s made our home bigger and more user friendly”


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    How much does a Guardian™ roof cost

    Each roof is made-to-measure and professionally installed by our Team Guardian™ Fitters
    so to help us give you a quote please send us your details.


    Looking for an extension instead of a conservatory?

    Expertly constructed with insulated roof and walls, double-glazed windows and strong, steel-reinforced structures, a Guardian Extension is the affordable alternative to a traditional brick-built structure.

    Space for a new kitchen

    Perfect new living space

    A room for your hobbies

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